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Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,

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Hello, I'm Erica. I have been working in the fields of personal development, counselling, health and wellbeing for 21 years, and doing mindful psychotherapy for 8 years.

  • Registered BACP therapist

  • MA in Mindfulness based Core Process Psychotherapy

  • Counselling Skills BACP course 

March 2020: I'm currently accepting new clients for online therapy sessions.

Face-to-face sessions in London Bridge and Holloway are on hold due to the Coronavirus.



I provide a non-judgemental space that gives an opportunity for exploration. Our sessions will be led by you. I will support you in your inherent ability to know your own intentions and have them honoured; allowing you to know yourself more and increase awareness. We could reflect on what may or may not be working for you in your life by taking a look at feelings, sensations and thoughts.

Certain patterns or ways of being and relating can be identified that could free up energy and joy in life, improve steadiness and ability to self-regulate. Specific attention will be paid to building your own personal internal resources that may be lacking at present. Once we become aware of these patterns, we naturally take steps to transform our lives into even more of what we want.

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  • Developing resilience and the capacity to be with unbearable feelings

  • Personal growth and transformation

  • Healing from trauma and emotional hurts

  • Overcoming stress, burnout, depression & anxiety

  • Overcoming negative life patterns that are holding you back

  • Develop healthy boundaries i.e. to say a compassionate 'No'

  • Developing components of emotional intelligence: awareness, self-regulation, empathy

  • Understanding relationship dynamics

  • Turning negative relationship dynamics into positive dynamics

  • Connecting more deeply with your inner self

  • Learning to access your intuition and innate wisdom

  • Finding meaning and purpose in your life

  • Stop the intergenerational transmission of negative emotional patterns

  • Understanding your emotions, and working with them, rather than against them

  • Tending to addictive behaviours



The Core Process Psychotherapy course at Karuna Institute is well known for its depth and solid preparation for psychotherapists. This humanistic approach takes from ancient Buddhist Psychology and modern up-to-date trauma healing methods, as well as Eastern and traditional Western psychological approaches.



Monday-Friday 10am-8pm


+44 7933 188671



The Hop Exchange

24 Southwark Street



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